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Notes of Resilience: Sophia Stephens' Musical Chronicles

Sophia Stephens
Sophia Stephens

A musical prodigy here to rule hearts, get ready to dwell into the synths and pastel lyricism of Sophia Stephens via her debut EP,’ Remnantal’! Rising into the music scene at just the tender age of seventeen, Sophia stands tall as an independent singer-songwriter and is constantly paving the way for her own success right from her childhood. Having a wide tapestry of 300+ songs already, she yet again is here to rule the world with her latest ensemble,‘Remnantal’! A celestial soul full of surprises, Sophia is definitely a rising star that everyone must vouch for!

A calming compilation of emotions cascading into a soothing stream of mesmerising vocal downpours, Sophia Stephens is the brightest star in folk.

We start this EP’s journey from the ever-condensing ‘Shadowlift’, a mellowed-down vocal verberation curated with a multitude of questions, brimmed with mindful curiosity. ‘Shine down on Me’ is a thoughtful message from Sophia to her loved ones, including verses of how reminiscent she is of the memories, and carries a painful undertone of her departure before Fall.

Then we arrive at the lullabies of ‘Submerge’, a violin and piano-infused ballad of the unwinding of emotions Sophia is going through, provoking her to attain all the truths beyond the circumference of time - the past, present and the future. Asking now and then,’ Is this what it’s like to be centre-staged’, seal-packed a feeling of maturity associated with the events ongoing in her life.

The next track,’ Never Spoke’, enters as a fresh breath of air, with its pacifying acoustic riffs. ‘Love was never enough to save us’, feels like a direct monologue from Sophia’s headspace, of her wanting to be more than a mere expression of thoughts, if only she could unwind in the midst of the social setups and circles she’s caught in, wanting to but not uttering a word for it’ll just be too cruel. A mystical connotation of her actually wanting someone to understand her more than what she shows.

‘Familiar’ breaks through as the ultimate wind-down of the explosion of emotions and turmoil Sophia’s facing by reconciling with a distinct figure who she probably knows from the heart, a story of her actually finding a home away from home. A depiction of devotion and the feeling of giving it all for this person she wants to give her all to, someone she cannot possibly stop thinking about. This EP, as even described by Sophia’s dad, is a distinct musical voyage that makes us revisit the same set of emotions that are instilled in all of us, A must-listen.

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