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Healing Haven: 'Angel Hanaels Song' touches the core of your heart

Karen Salicath Jamali
Karen Salicath Jamali

With utmost amusement and excitement, Karen Salicath Jamali has yet again blessed the audience with an album filled with tranquility and peace, titled 'Angel Hanaels Song'. From the streets of New York and Florida, Karen has received her well-deserved spotlight from instrumental music enthusiasts all over the world. Her journey in the realm of sounds began with an accident that caused her a head injury. It wasn't until the hit to the head that her heart told her mind how much she craved music. She began with piano lessons back in 2015 and has made her way to crafting enlivening compositions. Her music, her tunes, her chords, her notes, everything she produces contains magic. Her compositions are meditative and healing as they come directly from her soul and are the biggest part of her healing quest.

'Angel Hanaels Song' is a set of soul-stirring and magnificent harmonies, composed of the most serene sounds to heal your wounds and scars left behind.

This release by Karen Salicath Jamali conceptualizes music into a nine-sided kaleidoscope reflecting the sentiments of bliss and symbolizing joy. "Angel Hanael", widely known as Arch Angel Haniel, the Angel of Joy, is the key inspiration for the creation of this masterpiece.

Recorded on her Steinway Piano at 5 in the morning every day, the tracks seem to confide a sense of calm in them, soaked in from the morning stillness. Each song is pieced together with instrumental fragments welded on top of each other to sculpt a series of symphonic delicacies that taste like heaven.

Starting with a most captivating intro track 'Angel Hanaels Song', the audience finds themselves hooked and mesmerized by the artist's skills. While going forward into the excursion compelled by Karen's artistry of music, we gain a once-in-a-lifetime experience as the sonic potions begin to heal our skin and soul.

Engineered and mastered beautifully by the president of BWH Music Group, Bryon William Harris, 'Angel Hanaels Song' is an album crafted with absolute finesse, and Karen's hard work and charm embed life into the mere pieces of music. If you fancy a good composition of classical music, then this is just the album for you to try!

Experience these beautiful melodies down here:

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