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Wildfires of Punk's Rage in Red Mountain Revolt's 'Like A Loaded Gun'!

Back to paint the rock havens in hues of 90s grunge, Red Mountain Revolt released their first tune compilation,' Like A Loaded Gun'! With Kyle Merritts on the base and keyboard and Christian Nevi on the lead and backing vocals, drum and guitar, the band members share the same homeland, and that being New Jersey. The two having known each other for a lifetime now have picked up a plethora of instruments at the ripe ages of 14. Still, it was only until they got a taste of the worldly likes that they discovered that their musical aim was very different from the rest of the world. Deriving inferences from the 90's grunge sound, intertwining with hard rock elements, experience the wildfire of Red Mountain Revolt's 'Like a Loaded Gun'!

Red Mountain Revolt
Red Mountain Revolt

A rollercoaster ride full of highs and lows, this is an intricate affair of a tarnished love and futile rage, that walks along the lines of finding clarity.

We begin this electric thunderstorm with the super raw and distinct amps of 'I've tried'. A track more specifically about a dying dystopian dream, this is the perfect beginning to any album so far. Rock thriving in its purest form, this is truly a piece of art. 'Dysfunctional, on the contrary, paints a vivid scenic picture of profound nostalgia for past nuances of love and misery. This track also questions the prime human existence and is a divine portrait of self-reflection that hits every human being at one point in their lives.

The band brings back their ripe maniac rock energy with the growling guitar verses of 'Shades of You'. Very edgy, punk and magical in its defence, this track showcases the retrogrades of rock like no other. Then we arrive at a track that seems to question barricades of time, destiny and space. A track that channels the rage and fury of a withdrawn bond, 'But You're Gone' is an emotional rollercoaster. The title track,' Like a Loaded Gun' begins with an electrifying thunder crash of sound, escalating into a surreal madness.

The mood of the album completely changes at 'Love Songs'. A little track about a brain that drowning bond, the protagonist is heavy-sighted here and narrates a tail of an over-shadowed one-sided love. Now all he can remember is her voice begging him to sing those silly little love songs again. 'Don't Mind Me', is a fierce portrayal of a shamelessly brewing agony that could potentially make or break you. If you're a fan of 'Love Buzz' by Nirvana you're gonna fall in love with this track.

'Fall Through' yet again is a low of the album. A track that speaks volumes of an under-confident soul trying to clear his side of the story, this makes you elope into the Alps, where with the protagonist even you would start to question life and its meaning. 'Devil's Grip', the next high is brimming with rock but the energy of the track will make you experience an alternate version of reality in its purest forms. 'Brain Storm's is yet another forging fire to your soul, that slowly transcends into a seamless grooving palpitation of rock that one can never get enough of.

We then elope into another work of sonic imagery through 'Bury Me'. A track having a distilled country vibe to it, this is nothing but soft strumming of electric guitar, transcending into music like Nirvana's. Last but not least, we put an end to this sonic reverie with 'Her Song'. A track that seems to be the last profoundly remembered memory of the protagonist's illicit lover, this cherishes comfort and a man's aimless attempts to find solidarity.

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