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Veil in Enigma: Unlocking the Mystery Machinations with Del 'Noire's 'The Haunting of Del 'Noire'

Del 'Noire returns to the masses with the capes of suspense wrapped into the cinematic mysteries of their brand new tune compilation 'The Haunting of Del 'Noire' and this is something you wouldn't want to sleep out on! Narrating a story without words is almost too difficult, but never impossible. With such a refreshing mindset, Matyascorvinus AKA Del 'Noire returns to the masses after having released multiple strings of singles and EPs that have gained massive charm from all over the world. With numerous individuals finding his musical landscapes worth savoring and intriguing to his artistry landing in more than 100 playlists, the facts convey the authenticity his music contains. Pushing boundaries with his raw reveries, let's give it up for Del 'Noire! 

Del 'Noire
Del 'Noire

What sounds like pure mystery taking you leaps away into time, is nothing but atrociously pure work of refined instrumentation and storytelling, and is nothing short of pure art.

We begin this daunting journey with the suspense-infused tales of 'The Raven Stone'. But if you're wondering that violin is all to it, then you're judging the book by its mere cover. With almost frightening transitioning to beats, this is a terrific cinematic banger that will take you by surprise. The next track in line 'A Strange, Bitter Kiss' feels like a sophisticated lament from the past. This is dark, suspicious and almost feels as if we're coiling into a deep mystery.

Last but not least, 'A Letter to Mina' feels like a tale even though the past is trying to not throw light at it. Sounding almost like a ferocious wave of thrill, this makes you teleport into the fun yet tragic lands of the 70s. This is the apt amount of suspense and gloominess that's conveyed into a song with utmost grace.

Test this suspicious tune compilation down below -

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