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Timeless Tango & Whispers of Destiny: Exploring Chronicles of Connection with Carlos Escanilla's 'Just A Little While'

Reviving authenticity in soul rock, Carlos Escanilla returns to the masses with this enchanting new release,' Just A Little While'! A singer/guitarist with an upbringing in the city of Santiago, Chile, Carlos is completely self-taught and is driven by an endless passion to entice the masses with his musical genius. As someone who was born in Santiago and raised in Miami, he carries a wide variety of influences with him, and that is reflected in his mesmerizing, almost magical sound! Drawing inspiration from legends like Otis Redding, Lionel Richie and Motown Greats to name a few, let's witness the timeless hymns of Carlos sound!

Carlos Escanilla
Carlos Escanilla

A gorgeous synergy of a plethora of musical instruments, this romance endeavour outshines everything else, as every bit of it is worth relishing.

Astoundingly amped up with trumpets and saxophone, this is a majestic encounter of jazz with soul-rock that talks about romance's unfair means. Talking explicitly how meeting the right person at the wrong time, this sounds like a fiesta to the ears. Wanting for her to stay for just a little while, the protagonist here talks about how he's not willing to let her go, and how she's constantly on his mind when whether he's silent or busy, all he's thinking about is her. This also spreads the notion of how someone can get attached to and lured by someone in a very short span, and how the concept of love and infatuation exceeds the boundaries of time and space. Soulfully glammed up with the pacifying vocals of Carlos, the musical works here are nothing less than pure art. He wishes to give this another chance, hoping for her to stay for a little while.

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