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Sparks of Christina Winterfell's 'Life At the Top'!

Christina Winterfell
Christina Winterfell

Christina Winterfell finally breaks into the soft-rock music industry with her single “Life At The Top.” Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Christina Winterfell is a multifaceted woman with experience in social education, behavioural science, KBT coaching, and motherhood. She has a background in singing and recording music, illustrating children's books, and working as a radio presenter. With this single and continued art exhibitions, she aims to inspire others by demonstrating that it's never too late to pursue one's dreams and passions.

A beautiful breakthrough in the genre, Christina expresses gratitude towards all the things she's achieved so far in the song, but with a vigour!

“Life At The Top” is highly recommended to fans of artists like Fleetwood Mac, Francis Moon, or P!nk, just to name a few. This song is sure to make an impression on the listener and will stay in your head for days. It is a great example of Christina’s artistry and her ability to craft a unique and powerful sound. Give it a listen and you won’t be disappointed. Overall, the track is an upbeat and energetic song that is sure to be an instant hit. Christina’s powerful vocals and the edgy instrumental make it a worthy addition to her discography.

Test the melody down here -



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