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Serendipity Sonnets: Melodic Memoirs of Yvngerror's 'SpyGlass'

The indie alchemist Yvngerror returns to the music scene with his latest single 'SpyGlass'! A single born out of a majestic trio being home to three talent powerhouses, namely, Mitchell Young(YVNGERROR), James Guerico and Charles Smith, this single is indeed a dream come true! Deriving musical influences from classics like John Lenon, Jeff Beckley, Led Zepplin and Bob Dylan and modern-day stars like Dermot Kennedy and Ben Howard, Yvngerror is truly pure talent on the rise, as he's not only played in festivals such as the Bournemouth Air, being featured on multiple radio stations but also has had headline shows in places like Viper Rooms in LA!


Your passport to being as free as a bird, this moment of nostalgia meeting contemporary flair captures the pureness of bonds and experiences- no matter what sort.

A carefree track that'll energize you from the core, 'SpyGlass' is an upbeat moment of rock-n-roll that captures the pure essence of nostalgia from true and timeless friendships. Compelling us to relive the good old moments, this seems to invite us to drench in the colours of life, anticipate the unknown with excitement and rejoice in the camaraderie to celebrate! So let loose, don't overthink and get on your marks to make the most of what you've got, as this life, dear listeners, is a fiesta of making and embracing.

Test this nostalgic melody down below -

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