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Riveting Rhythms: 'Pisces Pie' is an ode to old school hip-hop

Born and raised in Detroit, Odelet is an upcoming and rising artist swimming in the ocean of endangered genres of jazz and soul. She is currently based in the West Coast and continues to surprise the audience more and more with every new release. Her music is an extraordinary compilation of combinations of a diverse range of music styles spanning from hip-hop to blues, blurring the lines between genres and making them one. Not only does she possess a mesmerizing, operatic voice, but she is also a multi-talented producer, writing, composing, and performing almost all her instrumental fragments and infusing them with enchantments that are sure to compel your heart and brain.

Odelet's latest release 'Pisces Pie' sounds like a black-and-white film that swifts over your brain very softly and makes everything stop.

'Pisces Pie' by Odelet is an art piece sculpted with a variety of flows and styles from jazz to classic hip-hop and everything in between to portray the sentiments of the artist and her heart's call to the soul and R&B she had loved since she was a child. This album isn't just a compilation of sounds, but a journey. It delves into the artist's soul and her connection with music. A mist of nostalgia surrounds the atmosphere throughout the whole stream. This album is a forty-minute long record of humming melody and calming voice. Exploring and crafting with sentiments of woe and nostalgia, 'Pisces Pie' takes you to an otherworldly realm, it feels like walking on the moon.

Starting with the title track 'Pisces Pie', we enter into a wave of elegance, fun, and downs, proceeding into a pool of exquisite jazz tunes and vocals. Every track features a signature element but all of them are tied together by their shared melody composed of the exceptional notes of different instruments. As the piano keys dissolve into the crimson of your blood, music starts to circulate throughout your system and finally to your heart and brain.

Odelet has put in days and weeks of sweat and blood to put together this flawless tapestry 'Pisces Pie', a classy and sentimental homage to the 80s hip-hop she fell in love with in her childhood home in Detroit.

Take this exquisite album for a spin down here:

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