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Doug McArthur's Hermit Phase isn't just a track but a moment of spiritual Eureka!

Emerging as a soul-uplifting desire, Doug McArthur's 'Hermit Phase' is a sense of enlightenment all of us wish to achieve in our lives! Deriving his musical inferences from legends like Third Eye Blind, Oasis and I Mother Earth to name a few, McArthur is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has been writing and releasing music ever since 2003. Having worked as a solo artist and in band unions, Doug has also graced stages like the Winnipeg Fringe Festival, Food Truck Battle Festival, Stage 13 and many more. What's even more thrilling? Doug's cat Bruce Springsten was featured on America's Funniest Home Videos! Doug is truly an invigorating essence of freshness who deserves the world!

Doug McArthur
Doug McArthur

A cheerful yet eloquent yearning to dwell within the lapse of the youthfulness of the past, this feels like the dance of a free spirit!

With Doug on the guitar, backing as well as the leading vocals, McArthur produced this track at the Paintbox Recording Studio in Winnipeg. Through 'Hermit Phase', Doug expresses a deep-felt pacifying desire to intertwine within the confine with oneself, a moment of breaking free from the barricades of societal refrains. A feeling of doing anything, everything carelessly and with pure joy, he asks, 'Don't It Be Alone', as if a final beckoning and a moment of self-doubt that seems to appear to jinx this profound excitement, to which he soulfully denies, and expresses how he can simply enjoy each and every moment without clinging onto the universe and its opinions, and the world outside of it. In this track, he tends to groove in complete synergy with Mother Nature and enjoys life and its happenings as they come. Depicting the stark differences between the life he used to live versus the life in his new-found hermit phase, he yearns that the loss doesn't feel like a loss but a holistic giving experience to him. This is pure bliss and a ray of happiness that'll even set the listeners happy by seeing Doug elope worldliness via the spiritual awakening in the 'Hermit phase'.

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