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Realma's Down The Railway Spine Will Take You To A Whole Different Plane of Reality!

Realma is a Serbian-Chinese artist known for her deep musicality and vivid soundscapes that bewitch the listeners. She beautifully weaves intricate threads of sounds to create an ecstatic mesh of sonic beauty. The way she intertwines such epic music with innovative animated videos is what makes her work so impactful. Each of her tracks features genre-bending sounds that blur the lines of genres and enter a whole new realm of musical taste. This is surely an amazing artist who is bound to be heard by the masses! Do give her a go, you'll surely love her work.


Realma treads on soundscapes that are untouched by the world shedding light on spellbinding sounds.

I recently came across this amazing artist through her latest release which is a perfect example of her vast musical sense. The track is named 'Down The Railway Spine' and is surely one of her best works yet. The track showcases her distinguished vocals blended with sounds that sound like they're dragged right out of a dream. The subtle use of whispers and melodies creates a magical vibe. This is surely a unique track that anyone would love to explore. Do give it a go!

Test the Melody down here -

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