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Pulsating Colors: Saturating The Senses With San-Zo's 'Supply'

Let's submerge into the intriguing echoes of San-Zo's latest single, 'Supply'. A sonic vision having Olivier Fontelle as its main face, with him being the producer, composer and performer, San-Zo hails from the majestic city of Paris, France. Music extraordinaire on the rise, San-Zo derives main musical inferences from genres like Trip-Hop, Fusion and Experimental music. The world of San-Zo describes the union and departure of thoughts and time in a poetic and melancholic manner. A song crafted with utmost magic, presenting 'Supply'!


A moment of escalating curiosity and wakening that slowly submerges into the goofy spunks of lo-fi, this is a sheer instrumental masterpiece.

San-Zo, a creative of many visions, returns to the music scene with the lo-fi-infused allures of 'Supply'. An instrumental journey that addresses the stem issue of over-consumption and excessive materialism, this makes you experience too many things all at once. We begin this sonic journey with a beat that feels like a moment of drum-rolls, building up tension and garnering all our focus in anticipation of what's yet to arrive. The building up continues, until at around 1:10 in the track, we hear a thud of sonic surprise. Little do we do, this build-up leads us to elope into the dream-like lo-fi mystery world of funks. The world that we're made to escape is a journey, probably a thrilling mood venture that comprises its own sets of highs and lows. This surreal fun can shapeshift and transcend into so many worlds and explanations possible, thereby capturing the liberating side of EDM in the most vibrant way possible.

Test this pulsating melody down below -

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