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Paradigm Pulses: Testing Alt Rock and Grunge's Grips in SIR-VERE's 'Legion (Remixes)'

Forging fires in our brains with dimensions to their power-packed track 'Legion', SIR VERE returns to the music scene with their latest tune compilation, 'Legion'! A sensational track from 'Lovescope' album, Legion is a double-edged reminder to the ones with original power, not the government or the military or the police, but the ones whose power serves the masses and ultimately answers all their questions. A musical monster of rhythmic momentum of beats, with its tight guitar riffs and distinct electro-sonics, Sir-Vere celebrates the glory of this track by curating different themes via this album!


A sister release to the original mix, these tracks articulate a new sense of reformation and send a rush of adrenaline down the spine of listeners!

We begin this electric venture with the Track 1, which happens to be a Dan Kanopla Remix. Adding an extra volt to the enormous energy of the track, this is produced by the famous OKGO band and is seemingly one of the greatest mixes from the album. Then we arrive at one of the two S-VAS remixes of the album, perfectly curated by Stevie Vega from SIR-VERE. This release channels a hint of cool rock and subtropics.

It's time to unleash agony and a beat paradise on the listeners with the trippy verses of the Rise Bailey Rise Remix, which provides a hint of club mix in the track. The beats hit hard and become perfect for disco and techno with the Vodzilla Remix of Legion, which is curated by an award-winning producer.

The track 5, Rory Hoy Remix brings a sensation of electrifying hoy-flavoured punk to go rad and wild too! This is a fresh speed to the album, and is surprisingly very funky and cool! The Kids Breaks Remix is a result of the top dog breakbeats that'll rejuvenate one's senses. And last but not least, it's time for yet another S-VAS remix that incubates the same punks and dubtronics from the second track, but indeed feels like a mode of dissipation and escape from the album, thereby concluding as the perfect end.

Test this electrifying tune compilation down below -

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