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Only Fans: A riveting soundscape, shining light upon the truths.

Having debuted in the year of 2016, Giazz Back is an extraordinarily talented singer-songwriter soaring from the streets of London. Brewing incomparable harmonies of indie rock, the artist has released a vast variety of soundtracks infused with his feelings about the rapid falling of society and the mental health of people. His emotive writings mirror human sentiments flawlessly, from love to loss, he covers it all. Having released several albums to date, Giazz's latest album was in 2023, titled 'Just A Little Bit More Famous', which is just as amusing as any other of the artist's creations.

Giazz Back
A song too close to home, with a melody as addictive as any drug, 'Only Fans' is a diaphanous visualization of the modern-day sonic world.

Brewed with the intent to spread light on the mishaps taking place around this corrupt-brained cohort, this Giazz Back's inspiring drop is a tonic of evocative hums of instruments and perfectly complementing lyricism, proving the artist's well-lit future that it is to be!

Explore this amusing melody down below:

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