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Insurgence of an Alting Numbness with Koalra's 'Undertow'

Koalra is on the mark to greatness with this latest alt-rock release, 'Undertow'! A distinct Portland Oregan's 90s rock trio, Koalra, is a pure work of numbing art that works around an energy that sneaks right into your soul. From debuting with their 90's influences four-piece self-titled album in 2019 to moving into themes of introspection in 2020 with their ep,' Sunrise Lights', Koalra has portrayed their versatile artistry and is continuing to do so with their latest releases. Beware of the thunder that is Koalra!


A track that makes you dwell into the alts of rock yet keeps you close to them, this is an alchemy of numbing sounds and clouded emotions.

'Undertow', a masterpiece from their latest album, 'Disasterclass', seems to circulate a hazy array of feelings on the listeners, thereby setting them free. Due to the band's multifacet identity that masks influences from the 90s, this is a psych-driven shade to noise rock that captures nihilism and its virtues like no other. Making you think in scribbles, this is a version of retrograde Disturbia that one sometimes needs to amplify on their own identities.

Test this astounding melody down below -

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