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Magnetic Pulses: JRTA's 'One More Toke's is a Sonic Trip in Disguise!

JRTA is back to the music scene with the haunting funks of his brand new tune 'One More Toke' and this is too groovy to ignore! As someone inquisitive about music since a very young age, JRTA is a rock phenomenon who knows how to play the guitar, the computer, bass. Drawing musical inferences from icons like The Doors, Nirvana, Morphine, Q Tip, Jay Z and many more, this release was recorded in the artist's premises and is an extremely rich and amped-up remix of bass and vocals. After receiving massive critical acclaim for his last release, let's decode this trap spectacle!


With a peculiar array of electric bass and vocals, this is your doorway to limitless dimensions and perspectives.

Step into the bizarre world of endless possibilities with JRTA's 'One More Toke'! A distinct electronic rock banger that is about drowsing addictions and losing yourself in the process. Where life supposedly looks bright and all the dreams have turned into ash, this explains how one still convinces themselves to follow the same path of destruction. This carries an averted sense of spunk to it which itself feels like dopamine. Sounding way too much like the title track of the series Euphoria, this is a very catchy listen!

Test this euphoric melody down below -

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