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Lyrical Lamentations: Emo Rock Tears of Time in Love Ghost's 'Angelic'

The unfathomable music star on the rise, Love Ghost returns to the music scene with his latest music venture, 'Angelic'! A musical powerhouse whose talent has been recognised by Rolling Stone and TIMOUT Mexico City, Love Ghost has prominent features in Playboy Mexico, American Songwriter, FLAUNT, Lyrical Lemonade and many others. Channelling immense power and stealing the hearts of millions, let's witness the wrath of Love Ghost!

Love Ghost
Love Ghost

An ode to undying love, this track brings pieces of an unforgettable and immortality of moments with a hint of sadness that'll tear one's soul apart!

A powerhouse of a track that mixes influences from XXXtentacion's Joselyn Flores and Smashing Punkins' 'Luna', this track will relate to the masses like no other, witness pure obsession and undying love with Love Ghost's 'Angelic'! A track that almost feels like unhinged wounds and then their scars not fading away, this is an ode to a complicated love that he seemingly titles to as 'Angelic', and is simply hard to resist! A soft rock moment with its soothing soundscapes and almost surreal and poignant lyrics, this tune echoes sadness, misery, solidarity and hard-hitting realities. It reminds us how excessive feelings, no matter what kind, can cloud and kill one's identity like a sweet poison.

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