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Lustrous Love: Eternal ecstasy with Myah's 'always want you'

Welcome to the world of infinite love! With Myah's radiant record 'always want you,' we experience a ride through the story of a happy relationship, unknown to many. Hailing from the trails of South Florida, Myah is a self-made artist paving ways for herself to exceed in the realm of music. Tangling and twisting together alternative rock, pop, and pop-punk melodies, the artist produces highly alluring and addictive soundtracks brimming with evocative rhythms. Storytelling is a big part of Myah's creation as she loves to transform her personal experiences and emotions into magnificent, eclectic aural delicacies.

Versatile and vibrant, 'always want you' is a melody filled with joy and bliss that makes you wanna dance like no one's watching.

"I'm alive when we're dancing through life." This production screams 'Live to Love.' Myah's 'always want you' is a vivid rock love song exploring the emotions your heart is filled with when you meet someone who feels like the one. An anthem of hope and zest--- it makes you feel alive again.

Explore this magical melody down here:

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