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July's Musical Mirage: Vibrant Melodies Come Alive


Hailing from the vibrant city of London, July is an accomplished independent British musician with a colourful palette of influences shaping his songwriting. Raised amidst eclectic sounds and cultures, he has drawn inspiration from musical legends such as Lionel Richie, P. Diddy, Phil Collins, and Tyrese Gibson. Today, in collaboration with the gifted producer known as MLB, July is honing an innovative and unique sound that is beautifully demonstrated in his catchy single, "Mood." The seamless union of MLB's sleek production techniques and July's captivating melodies proves this partnership to be a winning formula.

Picture a breathtaking fusion of striking soundscapes amalgamating with enchanting vocals that trigger waves of emotional depth and sincerity - this is what it's like to experience July's music.

The 9th installation on the forthcoming album "Salone," titled 'Salone,' tantalizes listeners with mysterious and sensual undertones. Emanating a singular R&B, pop, and alternative music concoction, this auditory adventure transcends time through its inventive nature. The powerful backbeat embodies the quintessence of R&B's allure while the ghostly backing harmonies are engulfed in reverb, elevating the ethereal atmosphere to new heights.

Test this mesmerizing melody down below -



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