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Jerking Jazz: 'Changing States' does not let your heart or brain rest

When the two most seductive and passionate genres of music come into union, they evolve into a red lightning of thunder. Former member of the Melbourne-based 6-piece jazz/funk music collective Flavour, Sebastian Batchelor finds a more independent and adventurous trail to pursue and explore the sound of his heart upon his return to Europe. Born in Geneva, Switzerland, the artist is a 21-year-old Kiwi and Swiss-born Pianist and Synth player, producer, and DJ who paints patterns of Jungle, Jazz, Disco, and Electronica and adds them to an original and piano-melody-based sound that takes you to a desert of jazz and psychedelia.

Melanger le Miel
Melanger le Miel
A kaleidoscope of sounds that makes time still and run faster at the same time and hypnotizes you into getting hooked and falling in love with music.

This release by Melanger le Miel, 'Changing States', is a production of the artist's unique signature sound style mixing electronica and jazz into a pacing, mind-blowing harmony. If you're a musical nerd, exploring experimental music genres, this is the perfect record for you!

Test this experimental melody down here:

Discover more melodies like this:



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