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J. Cole's 'Middle Child': An Ode to Being Caught Between Two Generations

J. Cole
J. Cole

J. Cole's song "Middle Child" is a tribute to being sandwiched between two generations. In the song, which was released in 2019, Cole considers his status as an artist who isn't entirely recognized by either the older or the newer generations.

The song "Middle Child" boasts a hard-hitting beat, Cole's distinct flow, and a memorable melody that has won over listeners. The song's production is excellent, and a sample from Five Stairsteps' "Don't Change Your Love" from 1996 adds a nostalgic touch.

Middle Child Cover image

Cole addresses a variety of topics in "Middle Child"'s lyrics, ranging from his own fears to the condition of the rap industry. For anyone who feels torn between two worlds, the song's lyric, "I'm the middle child, I'm a little wild," acts as a rallying cry.

Finally, J. Cole's song "Middle Child" is a tribute to being raised between two generations. The song stands out from Cole's already strong record because of its hard-hitting beat, memorable melody, and meaningful lyrics.

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