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Explore the sonic landscape of Shoegaze with Brian Lambert's 'Never Back Down'

Texan artist, Brian Lambert is on fire with his new, old-fashioned rock and roll single ‘Never Back Down’. Brian is known for incorporating elements from rock, punk and shoegaze with a contemporary flair resembling the sound of the 80’s and 90’s. His music is such a joy to listen to, all credited to his unmatched and exceptional talent and skills.


Brian Lambert

Music like this is meant to be blaring out at full volume and nothing less regardless of the time of the day.

Released in an “A-side/B-side” format, ‘Never Back Down’ is the A-side. From the outset, this track captivates the listener with heavy-hitting drums and distorted guitar riffs sounding much like a Foo Fighters song. While the song has a sense of realness and rawness to it that makes you jump out of your seat and electrify the day ahead, the vocal melodies and harmony create a sonic system to get lost in. Check this song out and be on the look out for more music from this genre-bending artist and remember the name - BRIAN LAMBERT!

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