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Ethereal Elegance: Synth's Enigmatic Elixir of Heavenly Harmonies with Adik Angel's 'Up So High'

Adik Angel is here to create sonic euphoria via her brand new release,' Up So High'! A prolific composer hailing from Plovdiv* in Bulgaria, Adik is a composer who's currently based in the dreamlands of Switzerland. With a sound deeply coded with Balkanic or oriental rhythms, she draws inspiration from a variety of musical genres and styles like Pop, Electro, Dance and Hip-Hop. With her work being deeply painted with colours of homage, her music is nothing but a potion of stardust in disguise. Let's witness the meticulously crafted havens of her brand-new release!

Adik Angel
Adik Angel

A halo above you and the sky full of pastel-shaded clouds, this feels like a moment of nirvana that your brain so righteously needs!

What supposedly sounds like a rush of serotonin down your spine, feels like a dream of endless dragonflies flying across. 'Up So High' is a vividly painted ambient and atmospheric sound that would make you elope into a dreamland full of colours and bright light. This is a pure, ethereal moment of sunshine that captures the raw emotions of joy, excitement, and innocence with pure ease. One can even imagine butterflies in their stomach, or can supposedly consider this a melody that they would want to fall in love with. By listening to this one would feel graceful and vivacious as it gives you that head rush, and occupies your brain with waves of happiness.

Test this ethereal melody down below -

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