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Dose of Discord: Exploring the Dark Alleys of Rock in King In Yellow's 'The Clesea, At Night'

Let's witness the thunderbolts of rock with King in Yellow's latest sonic venture,' The Chelesa, At Night'! With their roots in Kingston, New York, this band is driven by many musical inferences and aims to embark on an electrifying fusion of post-punk, and experimental rock for the transformative power of music. Kyle Mcdonough's dream and Nick Vining's writing potential has come to life, the driving forces for their authentic sound have been albums like The Stooges'"Funhouse", the rawness of The Pixies, soulful intensity of Afghan Whigs, their music feels like the epitome of sonic nirvana!

King In Yellow
King In Yellow

It is an extremely seditious track that lures you into the mysteries of rock. this seems to tell a unique story that will echo in one's voids of silence.

A track that narrates the story of a city being scavenged by drugs, this almost feels like an action-packed scene of some movie,' The Chelesa, At Night' is the third release in a row from Hudson River Valley post-punkers, King In Yellow, is arguably a stunning piece of punk rock. Packed with rage, thrill and mystery, this is almost a distinctive remark on the neglect and soullessness of things. Being compared to the scattering reprimand of poor government policies and greed-fuelled capitalism, this feels like the blazing of guns.

Test this pulse of poison down below -

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