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Do you know yourself? Unearth the mysteries of your soul with Floyd Joynes' Shamanic Temple

Floyd Joynes is a multi-faceted music artist: a music producer, an audio engineer, a sonic magician, and a drum facilitator and his music heals the souls of the listeners. He steps foot into his musical journey by making rap with teenage friends articulating the strives of city life. Floyd matured to realize that his music had a higher purpose: to create a transcendental experience for listeners. He learnt about the nooks and crooks of song production, arrangement, mixing etc. by expanding his studio and recording other artists there. Floyd’s talent extends also to him being a Reiki Master and certified in Sound Healing which explains his deeply spiritual take on music. He released “Kaledio Dreams” in August 2023 throwing light on his transformative experiences over the years. Floyd’s music is a beautiful fusion of sonic artistry and spirituality that leaves a calm and positive impact on the listeners.

Floyd Joynes
Floyd Joynes’ Shamanic Temple is a song with a soul! It makes a space in your mind and heals you from within.

The person of many talents, Floyd Joynes’ new song “Shamanic Temple Ft Tashka Urban” is a beautiful revisit to shamanic medicine music. The song is a beautiful blend of the musical artistry he has acquired throughout many years of constant learning. This song is a spiritual expression of the world of traditional Shamanic Temple Music. As Floyd is also a Reiki Healer, he has carefully infused the South American percussion of jungle tribal healing energy with the rhythm of this song. The impactful vocal expressions by Tashka provide the song with its lively spirit that hits you with supreme calmness. The song is an absolute masterpiece with its amalgamation of traditional shamanic instrumentation and the tranquil aura of a foreign language. This song will definitely bring you closer to your own self and heal those gaping parts of your soul.

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