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Antsy's album, 'Disappearer' will touch your soul and make your heart bleed.


Antsy is a a French indietronica/synth-pop solo project based in Reykjavík, Iceland. The way he creates a vibe that is immersive and illusive is something out of this world. His genre bending creations dig deep into emotions and feelings that will make your heart several beats. I really enjoyed his discography and I think this is one of my best finds this year! Do give this amazing artist a go, you'll surely like his work.

Antsy recently released an album named 'Disappearer' which has a total of seven tracks and each one of those tracks oozes perfection. The album is like a rollercoaster ride that is intense and elevating at the same time. The subtle vocal texture and intricate melodies are bound to touch your soul and make you loose yourself. This is a highly recommended album which features some amazing musical works! Do give it a try. :)

Test the Melody down here-


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