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Alleyways of Longing: Exploring Shades of Grit and Grief in Rock Via Meat In Space's 'Ruby Tourmaline'

Step into the nostalgic interludes of sound with Meat in Space's latest musical venture, 'Ruby Tourmaline'! A solo rock project hailing from the Bay Area, this is a musical baby of the multi-instrumentalist Shawn Stedman, who aces the realms of guitar, bass, drums, tape recording, vocals, mixing and production..basically everything. You name it and the man has it. Drawing influence from the heavyweights of the 90s like Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and Elliot Smith to name a few, his music is a reflection of creatives in rock, like shoegaze, stoner metal, slacker rock, garage rock to name a. To establish a strong melodic sensibility with his honest lyrics, let's explore the labyrinths of sound by Meat In Space!

Shawn Stedman From Meat In Space
Shawn Stedman From Meat In Space

A soft-acoustic driven track that beams with glaring eyes for a thought, for pure anticipation to be taken care of, this is a conceptual masterpiece.

Recorded at the Orange Sherbet Studios in El Cerrito, California, this track feels like a toned-down version of punk, an amplified indie notion to alt-rock and lo-fi vigour, and a lyrical stellar piece in the artist's musical journey so far, a stepping stone into the magic to say the least. With highly contrasting sonic scapes that mostly lay out the intentions for lasting love, for wanting care, pure intentions and hopelessness, this feels like an anchor for those who seek out support from the worldly bonds that they surround themselves with, in times of need. Fun to sing, even better and relaxed on the ears, this is seemingly too pacifying to resist a hear!

Test this liberating melody down below -

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