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Accepting the imperfections through the union of Sambox and Anita's musical Prodigy, "Wabi Sabi"

The duo, Anita Barbereau and Sambox beautifully crafted their music by being influenced by jazz and ambient music styles. The Japanese culture has influenced them both to come up with soothing yet refreshing singles.

After their success with, "Hanami" the second collaboration is set to lift up the mood of the listeners. Through the vibrations of their music, you will be transferred to a musical landscape of Japanese philosophy.

Sambox and anita
Creating the bridge between past and present, with its soulful production and fusion of traditional and contemporaneity, Wabi Sabi is a musical celebration of life.

This track Wabi Sabi, by the duo, has the Japanese essence and is filled with emotional experiences. The Japanese concept that finds beauty in imperfection, authenticity in simplicity, and harmony in the ephemeral is Wabi Sabi. The raw emotions of everyday life are conveyed through the musical landscape of Wabi Sabi. The world is obsessed with time and speed, and this track is all about authenticity and simplicity which is a powerful reminder to the world.

The track is influenced by Japanese music which promises to give the listeners an emotionally rich experience. This new collaboration being filled with depth and a relaxing mood has its roots in a philosophy in traditional Japanese aesthetics. From the cover art, you can feel the cool breeze, as you gaze over the body of water depicted in it.

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