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With Sun’s Out, Juva yet again crafts tunes that dance and lyrics that sing

Manchester-based rap singer, Juva emerges as a zestful force in the field of rap all set to blow our minds with a heavily loaded R&B rap experience with his new single. Juva draws inspiration from 80’s pop and electro-pop, RnB, Rap, and Grime and infuses them in his own musical creations. This sonic technical expertise results in the birth of music that is in close alignment with the music of UK artists like Col3trane and Nafe Smallz and simultaneously channeling undercurrents of The Weeknd, Post Malone, and Russ.

Sun’s Out feels like the moments of bliss under the warmth of the sun condensed in a song.

“Sun’s Out” is a feel-good song perfect for outdoor summer parties under the sunshine. It is a musical reminiscence about the balmy summer days that transports you to the warm memories of basking in the sun, the frenzy of outdoor parties when the sun’s radiant rays become our happy-go-lucky companion. “Sun’s Out” leaves us with a light, groovy feeling. Isn’t that all we want for summer?

Test the melody down here-



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