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With Heartbroken Angel Bridges Ablaze cements its reputation as a brave voice against suicide

Bridges Ablaze is an alternative metal/hard rock band from Austin, TX formed by the dynamic collaboration between Brien Allen and Ruben Zamora who are always on their toes to bring to their listeners music that heals them from the monotony of oversaturated subgenres. The band started off with a cover of “The Kill” by 30 Seconds to Mars on 1st April 2020. After years of evolving from one milestone after milestone, they released the music video for “The Kill” on January 21st, 2022. On seeing the overwhelming response to the cover, Bridges Ablaze collaborated with Robert Edward Joyner to record an entire album. Ever since then, the duo has been releasing singles prolifically: “Hellbent” (13th January), “Never Too Late” (14th April), “Forever Fallen” (21st July) and “Heartbroken Angel” (20th October). The band is definitely unstoppable!

Bridge ablaze
You went but I still leave a chair empty for you because souls depart only physically and never from our memory. Heartbroken Angel depicts how suicide is not an individual issue.

Heartbroken Angel delves deep into the pressing issue of suicide with musical mastery as well as artistic visuals. The carefully crafted music video depicts a young woman succumbing to the void within her and liberating herself from the eternal cycle of pain. But suicide isn’t the end of suffering, it becomes the bane of existence for the victim’s loved ones who continue to face its aftermath each waking minute. Heartbroken Angel amplifies awareness about “cluster suicides”: how one suicide can magnify its impact on the survivors. Upon watching the music video carefully, one zooms out to a frame where the powerful guitar somehow feels muted as we see the ebb and flow of the girl’s mental state. The song accompanied by the music video is a call for action to stand with those in need and collectively break this cycle of anguish before we lose more angels.

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