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Whispers of Time: The Enigmatic Legacy of Francis Alban Blake's Melodies

Francis Alban Blake
Francis Alban Blake

Francis Alban Blake, the enigmatic poet and songwriter, left a profound mark on the world with his music. Though he went missing in 2018, his family entrusted Frank Bond to finish his unfinished record "Passages," released in April 2022. Tragically, Francis was found deceased in France shortly after. In a final request, the family asked Frank to reconstruct and complete the song sketches from Francis's time in France, resulting in the upcoming release of "Spells" through King Forward Records in autumn 2022. Francis's legacy lives on through his haunting melodies and poetic words.

A musk of serenity and glimmers intertwining at ease into the tides of time, this feels like a shower of love and nostalgia.

‘Strawberry Jam’, a beautiful connotation reminiscent of the halos of the old days, this track feels like a pulsating of colours, passage of time and moments. Feels like a symphony written from the gaze of a worn-out ornament, perhaps an instilled memory, that hasn’t washed away with time but has been an evident embellishment of situations and circumstances of its beholders and users, and seems to be narrating a story of laugher, love, sorrow, misery that escalated into turmoil and soon returned with flashes of regret, perhaps ‘a disappearing hue’. Rather mystique occupied, this is rightfully something you might want to come back to.

Test this timeless melody down below -



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