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Whispers in Time's Rearview: Carousel of Ramnents in Robert Vendetta's 'Fool'

Back with yet another beautifully poignant track brimming with nostalgia, Robert Vendetta returns to the music scene with the release of his latest single, 'Fool'! Working alongside Lazarius Music, Norwegian singer-songwriter Robert Vendetta releases his third track of the year, written more than 15 years ago, but finally got to see the limelight! Robert( also infamously known as Norwegian Mariachi) derives his musical inspiration from icons like Elvis Presley, Dee Snider and James Brown. He has also received recognition and praise from the Norwegian royal family! Having 130k plus views on a video as an indie artist, the former actor's indie artwork is truly precious and authentic! Witness the glory of Robert Vendetta's divine artistry through 'Fool'!

Robert Vendetta
Robert Vendetta

With lyrics like 'I sold our friendship for a pot of gold', this track is a fruit of sorrow and retrogrades of past bonds that will move you from the core.

A track is pushing a serene dilemma of a person making unconvincing decisions and moving away due to circumstances of time and space. Now this person is just cascading his vinyl emotions of sorrow and regret, of the lost hope of 'what could have been done.' Asking out aloud 'What have I done?', wondering if he's done nothing but let those voices of comfort down by parting ways from them. Looking through a faded lens of a lost friendship, thus mesmerising the good times with a remorseful feeling, this is a true masterpiece that all of us can relate to.

Test this enthralling melody down below -

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