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Uncharted Territories: Navigating the Alternative Landscape of 'We call it JUNK' By JUNK


A wild fusion of genres like jazz, rap, punk and rock, JUNK redefines musical orthodoxies with their brand new single 'We call it JUNK'! Meet the eclectic trio that's shaking up the music world – virtuoso bassist and composer Aaron "Dubl A" Seener hailing from Long Island, lyrical saxophonist Dale "Dirty D" Pearson, and rockin' guitarist and vocalist Nik "Anthem" Mathews from sunny San Diego. United by their passion for genre-defying expression, they've hit the studio once more to craft a revolutionary sound. Say goodbye to predictability – this self-proclaimed "band without a genre" is forging its own path in musical innovation. With its bass-driven pulse and saxophone-forward edge, this captivating sound takes you from Jazz to Funk and beyond. Behold the birth of a new genre: "JUNK."

Behold, the unclassifiable band has carved out its very own genre! It's as if creativity burst forth from a magical cauldron, bubbling with every genre that inspired them.

The song confronts armchair critics who praise the music but won't play it on their platforms, claiming it doesn't fit their genre. Described as a blend of classical compositions and pounding beats, JUNK faces countless critiques. The track is a statement on how music can be open to different interpretations and labels and shouldn't be limited to one genre or style. JUNK inspires listeners to think beyond the norm and embrace music's diversity. As aspiring artists, JUNK welcomes constructive criticism for growth and encourages others to be their own critics and fan. This song promotes freedom of expression, progress, and love for life through unique musical fusions – that's the JUNK style!

Test the melody down here -



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