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Ubiquity Machine outdoes the typical methods of expressing a longing for someone in "Beautiful Girl"

Ubiquity Machine
Ubiquity Machine

Ubiquity Machine consists of Dan Marsh (a.k.a. the Rabbit) and Howard Rabach. Envisioning something bigger than themselves, going in pursuit to speak volumes about heavy themes which often happen to be pretty touchy subjects, they have been performing alternative/Indie music for more than a decade as multi-instrumentalists, songwriters and performers. They have more than 100 songs crafted and released to great response.

"Their acumen of creating sounds that speak on a personal level reflects the brightest in Beautiful Girl"

The central theme of Ubiquity Machine happens to be the idea of our modern world itself being a 'ubiquity machine' and every other theme falls under that one from the likes of the question of free will, the hypocrisy of belief, facing the wall of life even when it all seems to have ended, joy of sacrifice and futility of other people. With their single "Beautiful girl", they compose something very relatable and deeply moving, similar to the likes of Elliot Smith, an artist who would pour his soul out into each note he wrote and performed. The single beautifully illustrates how a man changes when he feels a deep longing for someone he finds to be worth taking the risk for while expressing the love they have for them.

With sheer brilliance in terms of technicality and a sound that screams of their musical prowess, one should definitely give this a listen if they love the works of Bob Dylan, the aforementioned Elliot Smith, rock bands like Linkin Park and Radiohead.

Test this melody for yourself here -



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