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Tune of Tenacity: Soft Rock's Unyielding Ode to Overcoming Adversity with Gary Dranow's 'Never Give Up'

Gary Dranow invites the masses to soft rock's sombre realism through his brand-new release,' 'Never Give Up'! A vinyl tune that seemingly blends the art of storytelling with soft rock, this explores the innate resilience the human spirit is born with. With lyrics that project nothing but dark and hurtful realities of the world, Gary Dranow and the Manic Emotions prove their grandeur in almost every genre possible, catering to as many subjects and topics as possible. Comprising of versatile legends like Chris Zoupa, Gary Dranow and Jason Jones, their sound comprises of compelling, moving narratives, inspiring listeners to approach life with diligence. Let's give it up for the immaculate Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions!

Gary Dranow
Gary Dranow

'Haters wanna hold you down, so don't give up the fight', which such soul-stirring lyrics, softly glides through one's mental insecurities, and lets the lsiteners know how their precious souls must not give in to the worldly chaos, stops them from achieving their dreams.

A vivacious soft rock marvel that serves as an ode to utmost motivation for the masses, as it is light-hearted and emerges as a glaring beam of hope and positivity. It navigates through the difficult obstacles all of us face in life and advises us to stand tall against them and to jump and take flight. While the world might try to distract you from the goals you want to achieve by saying things like you're not made for this, you must strive to listen to the irresistible fire that ignites within your soul. It is a poignant call on the indifferences the world makes in our heads, stopping us from conquering the impossible by projecting their insecurities on us. This feels like a beautiful then vs now narrative, where you're not only conquering your mental demons, but also fast-forwarding to a much simpler and smooth sailing life, and telling us how even then the life might not be as even as it might seem.

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