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Triumph of a Rock Revelation with the Distinct fury of Guild Theory's 'Indignant Swines'

The British prog rock band Guild Theory returns to the masses with their latest amped-up release,' Indignant Swines'! A beautiful commemorative of Rob Lewis serving the instrumental and Matt Smith on the vocals, these icons share how they actually met on the internet. A place where little did they know they were the perfect matches for each other's needs, led to them creating this genre-defying rock adamant. Deriving inferences from bands like Midlake and Oceansize, they have a history of playing prog rock and future radio. The collective has also received the limelight for Prog Radio's 50 Best Prog Albums of 2023. With their authentic aura and huge ounces of talent out in the world, let's witness the wrath of Guild Theory!

Guild Theory
Guild Theory

To dive into a forgone dictator's life, this track, encompassing messages of a hail-worthy sacrifice, is an electrifying rock masterpiece bound to tell stories.

This track starts with a goosebump-infusing guitar intro, with slow-paced yet power-packed guitar strumming patterns. Narrating messages of power, fury and dominance, this track is bound to become a cult-favourite track. One can sense the sheer glory surrounding the track after progressing to the chorus. Clearly defining how a man might give off his all-family and wants for the sheer sacrifice of saving lives and ruling, 'Indignant Swines' speaks volumes about this well-formed narrative throughout our human history. This also is slightly soothing and gives off the message to out-righteously believe in s bigger power, a bigger aim and a bigger energy that exists above and beyond us. A perfect way to start a new album indeed, this is the awaited drum-roll into Guild Theory's next album.

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