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TRiiiPSS: The Triumphant Trio's Unique Fusion


In the pulsating world of hip-hop and pop, few groups resonate as deeply as TRiiiPSS. Born of the same heartbeat, triplet brothers Jay, Mick, and Kevin Litherland have emerged as a musical force to be reckoned with. Their bond, as unbreakable as it is rare, echoes the potent combination of Sanko - a powerful melding of individual elements into an unparalleled unity. This isn't just about three brothers making music; it's about three souls, intertwined from birth, who find their most profound strength when they unite. Their latest track is a testament to this harmonious fusion. It's not just an ode; it's a declaration. A statement that, in the world of TRiiiPSS, the magic happens when individual flares meld into a single, original flame. Their shared vision, passion, and unmistakable talent remind us of the beauty that can be birthed from perfect unity.

In the harmony of 'SANKO', we find the essence of TRiiiPSS – three voices, one unbreakable bond.

Dive into the latest from the music scene, and you'll find TRiiiPSS at the pinnacle of innovation. Their brand-new single, "SANKO", is more than just a tune—it's a symphony of their authentic sound, resonating deeply with their Japanese roots. Drawing inspiration from the traditional card game Hanafuda, "SANKO" is named after a coveted combination of three cards, epitomizing strength and unity. This metaphor seamlessly intertwines with the essence of TRiiiPSS. As triplet brothers, their synergy is unparalleled; individually they shine, but together, they're a supernova. Much like the rare and potent Sanko in Hanafuda, when Jay, Mick, and Kevin Litherland unite, their combined force is magnetic and invincible. "SANKO" is more than a song—it's TRiiiPSS's heart, echoing their unique narrative of brotherhood, heritage, and the indomitable power of unity.

Test this soulful melody down below -



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