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Transcendental Dreamscapes of Stuart Lawrence's 'One'

Uncover the magical spells of 'Indie Silk' as a genre through the divine sonic creations of Stuart Lawrence's 'One'! Hailing from Fareham, United Kingdom, Stuart never fails an exploration and aceing a genre or a multitude of genres. His deliverability, sense of vocalism, and musicality know no utter bounds. Crafted with pure care and love, 'One' presents listeners with a heartfelt, poignant and serene sense of production that sways listeners into a different mood with each passing track. Although he began pursuing his inherited talent now at the age of 59 years, Stuart's ADHD might've been the cause of the wait, but thankfully failed to dull his sparkle. Presenting, the enigmatic,' Stuart Lawrence'!

Stuart Lawrence
Stuart Lawrence

An invigorating deeply rooted vision for a better life, 'One' serves as a mirror to the hard-felt realities of life most subtly and sublimely possible.

We begin the musical journey of 'One' by a track that feels like a loosely-held dream, a flickering ray of light that although dim, shimmers reach us as a ray of hope. As the opening track, it serves as an astounding idea of the love that is felt yet observed from afar, a demise to an epic tale of love. 'Tanuja', a surreal and pacifying breeze of the tropics, serves as the intermittent bonding, akin to reaching the sneers of the other's skin. A beautiful depiction of his love interest, Stuart continues to root and romanticise her as the goddess of love, for she, a person as homely and comforting as his family, is the ultimate epilating guiding light to a fresh new chapter in his life.

The moods of the EP exhilarate their intensity at 'To the Limit', where it feels like we're just a little distance away from witnessing Stuart collapse and sublimely surrender to the vigorous force of love. An indie-rock reverberation, this talks about an ultimate sense of letting go, and presumptuous rock fuelling the agony and might associate with it.'If I Stay' gooms a vivacious land of endless possibilities, a land full of questions that blossom amidst the array of first love. Next, 'Jailkeeper Eyes' emerges as a unique concept of curiosity, where he compares the heart to that adoring someone you admire, so much so that you want to endlessly peep at them, and never want to let them go out of one's sight. The devastation of a soulful uprising raises their fumes at 'Screaming Blue Murder'. Channelling a sense of chaos surrounding his brain, he's terrified to face the alts of a version of reality that doesn't fulfil his expectations, which is probably another storyline he isn't prepared for.

Then we lie down under the ambers of 'Children of the Night'. An uplifting track that feels like the folklore of a hustling city during the evening, it is as if witnessing the brightest hue to someone or something until it dims down. It's about overcoming a sense of dark chaos and refers to the guiding angels as 'children of the night' who're friendly enough to cure our pains away. Then the ultimate reprise of love blossoms at 'Is This What They Call Love', where charming bells of admiration and soul-stirring beatscapes seem to ring a bell.

'Avoiding Time Traffic' feels like the ultimate rage-upsurge as we navigate through the alts of Stuart's mood, this feels like a rollercoaster ride at its finest.'Questions' seems to leave an indelible mark on the deep-rooted life prisms, and this feels like a moment of self-talk between the head and the heart. Now the emotion of love has become so tender that it is almost on the verge of getting lost and breaking, and this vision is beautifully conveyed in 'Heart Might Break'. Last but not least, we have the show-stopper, 'Chasing Dreams'! A sheer ray of light and wisdom that seems to embark in Stuart's mind, this is a splendid notion of self-reflection that echoes deep within one's soul.

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