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Thunderstrings Unleashed: The Sonic Sledgehammer of Transcending Into The Unknown's 'Giants'!

The Norwegian hailstorm Transcending Into The Unknown returns to the masses with their latest fire-packed release 'Giants'! A band that currently comprises Filip, Robert and Stian Dahl, this is a homegrown creative project that aims to experience and experiment with their sound, embracing everything that comes before them. Where Filip is a composer and a multi-instrumentalist who started as a lead guitarist, playing for several Norwegian bands in the 70s, Stian, Filip's son, draws inspiration from guitarists like Paul Gilbert, Dimebag Darrell and Rick Graham to name a few. Robert, his brother on the contrary began his artistic journey from the subculture punk/metalscene of the Norwegian City during the 80s. Thereby, a beautiful collaborative stemming from a family full of diverse personas, let's witness the wrath of 'Transcending Into The Unknown'!

Transcending Into The Unknown
Transcending Into The Unknown

'Giants' is the perfect prog rock moment that transfuses into a cinematic soundscape to create this celestial sound that almost sends a rush of adrenaline down the spine of listeners.

Showcasing the darkness, boldness and heaviness of prog rock, this release is a carefully curated mix of rock along with different other musical styles as well, that will leave one awe-inspired from their core. Being the unique sonic amalgamation that it is, this release is highly energizing and contains a lot of moments of surprise. As if motivating listeners for a supposed call to action, this feels like the onset of revolution for change, with its dynamic lyricism.

Test this electrifying melody down below -

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