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The Young Heart Flutters Only To Find Solace In Its Way Home”: INDOLORE’s “Way Home”

INDOLORE’s typical musical romanticism can be traced back to his distant Irish roots. Ever since he started his first errands on the French West Coast, he has cultivated within him a poignant sense of melancholy which has poised him to become a name in the music industry. His life in Paris has taught him to artfully maintain the fragile balance between chasing his passion and making his way through life’s hardships; being a modern romantic as we may call him. His many travel adventures impart a nomadic touch to his songs. INDOLORE had numerous feathers in his cap: his openings for Sia and Morcheeba, collaborations with the legendary Terry Reid, and many more. His first EP “Positive Girls” earned him a passionate fanbase and a lot of onstage recognition with many concerts and he also went to the SXW festival in Austin, Texas. He won Album of the Year by At The Barrier (UK) in 2021 for his “After the Rain”. This artist is surely made for something great!

Indolore Artist
"Adventure takes you far and wide but your way home is the essence of its being” echoes Indolore’s “Way Home”.

INDOLORE’s recent release “Way Home” is a heartfelt tribute to the city of Paris, the birthplace of his artistic sensibility. INDOLORE fondly describes Paris as the city that has seen his all: him in his mundane lifestyle, his search for a job and later the meaning of his life, the birth of his children, his struggle to keep his boat afloat, and everything in between. Paris is the place of the genesis of INDOLORE as an artist, the silent spectator of his wins and losses. Post his captivating journey to Nashville last May where he recorded his new EP with Jack Lawrence (Jack White, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather) and Andrija Tokic (Alabama Shakes/ Grammy nominated artist), INDOLORE came back and produced “Way Home” as a tribute to Paris. This INDOLORE’s love letter to Paris is out on October 13. It has that nomadic touch typical of INDOLORE with the right amount of nostalgia. The song takes the readers on a walk through the artist’s memory lane accompanied by beautiful melodies to soothe your heart. “To Paris! And to our glory years!”

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