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The world isn't ready for Spooky Suspicions & Narratives of Edie Yvonne's 'Darkness Bliss'!

Back with yet another masterpiece, the teen pop revelation and sensation Eddie Yvonne returns to the music scene with the release of yet another single, 'Darkness Bliss'! LA-based 14-year-old singer/songwriter Edie proves to the masses that she's here to stay, as this collaborates to the tracklist of her upcoming album, GIRL CODE. Blending with ease into the spectrum of horror of Halloween, this track feels like another feather of versatility in Eddie's cap! Edie for sure has come a long way in terms of musical maturity, ever since the release of her single,' On Your Mind', to the release of 'Darkness Blis'. Unlock the musical treasure of our rising star and gem, Eddie Yvonne via this latest single!

Eddie Yvonne
Edie Yvonne

With its grasping spooky undertones of terror, regret and remorse all synched into a sulking and addictive packaging of mystery, Eddie indeed never misses!

Rising upfront from the shackles of a falling friendship, this rightfully narrates shades of regret as Edie grieves over the loss of her with every approaching detail. There are grippingly intricate colours portraying thrill with loads of drama, which makes the track more intriguing and an elevated listening experience for the listeners. She even cries for help, trying to save her with every passing second of the song. It all, sadly, intensifies with Edie losing her. Paranoia leaves and feelings of suspicion and misbelief take a seat eventually, painting the entire track into a beaming shade of a thrillsome red. This track feels like a climactic scene of a movie and is aimed at upscaling the level of excitement of its listeners.

Test this thrilling melody down below -

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We fortunately also got an opportunity to interact with Edie! Let's see what she had to say -

1. Glad to have you back Edie! Can you tell us in detail about the track?

EY: It is a dramatized story of a fallen friendship. It is based on personal experience and then heightened to have a cinematic quality where stakes get higher as the story escalates. Once the song crescendos, it helps me to let go of the negative energy around those memories and relationships.

2. 'Darkness Bliss' seems to be a complete mood shift from your other tracks, what made this change happen?

EY: It came out in a moment when I was really looking back at those memories with sadness, I picked up the guitar and felt it all come through. It came together pretty quickly and Halloween was just around the corner….

3. You seem to blend in beautifully with any genre Edie. What has your personal mood or genre of songs been so far and why?

EY: I’m really having a lot of conversations now about tone and approach. And how to reconcile or balance the dark emotional moody songs and lyrics with my love for more retro pop vibes. I’ve been questioning if I have to choose a lane, or just keep experimenting because I’m just starting out.

4. Which one out of all the tracks you've written was the most fun to write?

EY: The most fun was Queen Bee - it was super playful. The most meaningful was Stain, because of how personal it is.

5. What was your creative take on 'Darkness Bliss'? Do you have any behind-the-scene moments from the track's making?

EY: It felt like Beatles meets Dirge meets Wednesday Adams meets Pretty Little Liars. We had a blast with the harmonies, and the song is a real exercise in breath.

6. If you could describe your artistry so far in one word, what would it be?

EY: Diaristic.

7. Do you have any sort of creative take on the track's video?

EY: If I had time I would go to New Orleans for the energy and architecture. A DP I work with is there so it would be great to have the opportunity to travel there soon.

8. We're rooting for your progress Edie Is there any genre that you would want to work on?

EY: I’d love to record a song in the vein of Bangles Hazy Shade of Winter.

9. Do you have any creative pursuits apart from singing and songwriting? If yes, what are they?

EY: I love to act and in a dream scenario I would have the opportunity to have a hand in music, entertainment, and fashion.

10. Can you tell us about your personal favourite artist or tracks at the moment?

EY: It is pretty diverse. I love Beebadoobee and saw her live at the Greek and she was fantastic. There are a few songs I have on repeat right now from Justin Timberlake to Aailiyah.



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