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The vigour packed in The Amanda Emblem Experiment's 'Power of One'

The Amanda Emblem Experiment
The Amanda Emblem Experiment

Inviting all the changemakers of the world, here's The Amanda Emblem Experiment's brand new single 'Power of One'! Amanda Emblem is a folk and alt-country rock artist from rural Queensland, Australia. With a 20-year music career, Amanda shifted from touring to writing and recording due to the pandemic. She also runs a small market garden providing fresh produce to her community. Amanda has opened for top bands like Kiss, Aerosmith, and Motley Crue and entertained Australian troops overseas on seven occasions. In 2017, she formed "The Amanda Emblem Experiment," releasing her debut album "Who Is Amanda Emblem" in 2018, blending rock and folk genres.

Her disdain for herself and society has led her to live off-the-grid in remote Queensland, relying on creativity and personal power for hope. Amanda has created the "Power of One" to document our collective dilemma and prompt others to question their actions. While just a drop in the ocean, it's better than doing nothing at all. The real challenge lies in getting people to listen – hopefully sparking change.

In "Power of One," a song by Kylie Cowling with vocals and instruments by Amanda Emblem, Amanda questions whether one person can make a difference in the world. She reflects on her cynicism, stemming from witnessing humanity's stagnation and corruption. Amanda is not alone in her disillusionment with society; many people are apathetic or misguided by conspiracies and misinformation. Despite being more connected digitally, people are increasingly isolated and disconnected from one another. The growing apathy is fueled by the uncertainty of truth in the news, with biased media and political propaganda making it difficult to discern what is right. Human connections have weakened, and the focus remains on materialism and entertainment. With these thoughts, sometimes Amanda wonders if suffering is an inevitable result of overpopulation.

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