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The ultra vibrant soundscape of You Bred Raptors' debut LP will leave you in awe of their musicality

You Bread Raptors?
You Bread Raptors?

'You Bred Raptors?' is a post-rock band based out of NYC who have had numerous successful gigs from the past such as Adult Swim at Comic Con, Broadway and the NYC toy fair. Peat Rains, being the founding member of the band has lead the project to continuous progress from scoring for a film to conducting a TED Talk and even performing sold out shows at the The Gramercy Theatre and Music Hall of Williamsburg.

"The sound of this album is so dense and beautifully put together that one may find great pleasure in closing their eyes, putting on some good pair of headphones and literally pointing their fingers at the directions they hear each instrument playing."

With their debut LP called "Lysine", the band creates an instrumental experience which is dense and is a testament to their hard work over the years as a unit. They let the sound breathe right from the beginning, with the tracks forming something more than ambient music, although if treated that way, would be a great one at that. Lysine refers to a nutrient which is the most essential in the diet of vertebrates, the band uses the title as a metaphor for the importance of music in our day to day lives. With the standout tracks being "Conclave", "Capsize" and "Tango", the band shows off their range of musical abilities. It is highly recommended to listen to this project with a good pair of headphones as the sound is truly majestic to the ears.

If you are a true audiophile who likes to listen deeply to high quality well and arranged instrumentals, this one is going to be a piece that will take your breath away.

Test this melody for yourself here -



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