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The Sanctity Behind Mrityunjay Mantra By Momi Das

Mrityunjay Mantra By Momi Das
Momi Das

One can easily get teleported into sacred lands through India-based Momi Das's new single 'Mrityunjay Mantra'. Based out of Guhawati, India, the budding artist aims to evoke Bhakti as a healing form. This soulful melodic compilation is a thought-dwindling narrative that strives to mesmerize the audience craving a distilled essence of folk, by merging the mystical genres of soul music and enchanting mantras and melodies.

Inducing an awaited sense of soul-uprising in its listeners, Mrityunjay Mantra indeed brings one back to their spiritual roots by embarking onto the grand truths of the world.

Deriving meaning from the omnipresent divine powers of gods like Lord Shiva, this derives meaning from the auspicious occasions of Mahashivaratri, a festival celebrated all across the holy lands of India. This is a soft musical hyme compilation that helps you rise above and beyond the pre-existing notions of the world, by telling you about its daunting truths in the most pacifying way possible, which is also known as Bhakti. Spreading awareness about how gods don't just reside in monumentals and temples, but are indeed eternally rooted in our existence, and one can meet them through eternal devotion and dedication. It creates a soul-stirring ambience of peace and vibrance and can be listened to even for the purposes of meditation and yoga. Overall, it is a must-listen.

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