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The Resilient Sound of Blackchords: 'Connected // Forgotten'


Blackchords triumphantly returns with their highly anticipated third studio album, 'Connected // Forgotten,' a compelling odyssey through enigmatic dreamworlds and haunting pop tunes. Assembled with remarkable collaborations and drawing inspiration from Pink Floyd and electronic trailblazers, the record masterfully weaves together diverse influences while preserving Blackchords' distinct sombre sound. Despite confronting adversities during Melbourne's lockdown, the band's relentless dedication births an extraordinary and emotionally captivating album. Don't let this stellar comeback from Blackchords pass you by!

The album immerses listeners in a multilayered sonic expedition, where tranquil musical interludes mask the unsettling tinges of reality, enticing them to dive even deeper.

'More Than You Know' catapults us into this acoustic escapade, orchestrating the refreshing ambience of a new voyage and invoking the serene vibes of a road trip. Acting as a teleportation device, it transports listeners into an alternate realm of existence. With 'Trawler', we savour the smooth undertones of jazz in a beautifully crafted alt-pop playground.

As we drift into 'Mystified,' we experience an alluring crescendo that exudes elegance, sophistication, and romantic warmth. In contrast, 'Shadows' is a poignant ballad that poignantly captures the sensation of possessing something one moment, only to lose it entirely shortly after.

'Unending Stream' intertwines layers of dreamlike alt-reality hues in harmony with the horizons of our multiverse—inviting listeners to introspectively reflect on these moments of profundity. We then enter the enigmatic territory of 'Bonne Berceuse,' where fluid melodies rejuvenate listeners' souls.

‘No Places to Be’ touches on feelings of disorientation and mental disarray amid its dark depths—the dark poetry mirrors the nightmare of feeling lost as once meaningful items take on materialistic guises. Followed by an unexpected rock twist, this track offers more than meets the eye.

Peering into the realm of 'Through the Windows,' we're greeted by enchanting windowpanes, intricately painted by this mesmerizing track. A sublime fusion of sensual surrealism seamlessly integrates with an underlying theme of existential disconnection. This song fearlessly delves into artistic depths, beautifully and poetically capturing the ever-evolving phases of our existence. As we venture deeper into 'Liminal Spaces,' we embark on an exploratory journey into the enigmatic recesses of time and space.

Finally, an apt conclusion to this captivating aural adventure unfolds with 'Wide Awake.' This moving piece unearths the harsh realities of adult life through a poignant longing laden with heartache and regrets.

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