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The Polyphonic ballad 'Overnight Sensation' by WILLJACK will send a shudder through your spine


When two masterminds collaborate to create an enthralling sonic experience, the creation is bound to go down as some kind of otherworldly madness.

WILLJACK is a rock group that has been making some beautiful music under the radar for quite some time, with charismatic vocals and a certain charm to their instrumentals. They had been waiting to be a household name, trying to garner their much deserved fame and soon they were given an opportunity that led them to success. That's where the prolific singer/songwriter Tom Tikka came into play. A veteran musician working formally for Sony/BMG, saw the potential in WILLJACK's sound and offered to collaborate.

"The 'a cappella' along with the rounds of beautifully arranged sequences and an emotionally driven instrumental results in a jaw dropping experience, making Overnight Sensation a really effective ballad/opera-house piece."

'Overnight Sensation' was the single they created together, which starts off as almost a 'bohemian rhapsody' type sound and slowly unfolds into many other moods. Tom effectively uses his experience as an advantage for bringing out the best out of WILLJACK's strong points.

Near the end, there is a certain 'off the hook' type energy which the track evokes. The production too is something to be really admired here as it infuses great simplicity in the instrumentals and the polyphonic vocals elevate the overall feelings they attempt to portray through this track.

Test this melody for yourself here -



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