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The beat of Blessings: Hip-Hop's Harmonious Homage to the Beauty of Every Day with Proklaim's '4 ME'

Proklaim returns with a calming breeze of fresh air with his brand new release,'4 ME'! A legend in the making, Proklaim emerges as a fierce force emerging in the realms of hip-hop and rap, as his music is nothing but pure experimentation and him pouring his heart out. Providing all of us with a sense of purpose in life, his maestro is born out of geniuses like Tupac, Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley and many more. With intentions of creating purely organic numbers, let's unleash rhyming words of wisdom with his sound!

A surreal moment of gratitude and warmth, this will rejuvenate you from within and teach you how to be grateful for the tiniest of things in life.

Through '4 ME', Proklaim paints an energizing picture of being grateful for the little things in life, and how one must always follow their intuition. In life, no matter how great one is, one cannot be greater than the almighty creator himself, god. Through its fresh verses, this feels like a pure moment of celebration, whether it's celebrating the simplest things in life like getting a chance to breathe fresh air. It is fun, cool, and almost too groovy to disguise it as a mere rap song. One can easily imagine being in a calm setting caressing a drink or two by the beach through this track, thereby being a moment to unleash endless possibilities.

Test this reflective melody down below -

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