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The Art of Subversion: The Arn-Identified Flying Objects and Alien Friends' 'My Face'

Arn-Identified Objects and Alien Friends
Arn-Identified Objects and Alien Friends

Introducing 'My Face,' a captivating new song within the vibrant universe of the musical project, 'Arn-Identified Objects and Alien Friends.' Birthed from the creative minds behind Swedish band Redmoon, this solo venture took flight with the disco-inspired track 'Suck' in 2020's summer season. The musical voyage commenced with a trio of singles in 2021, ultimately unveiling the double-album masterpiece, '17 BIRDS AT THE SUMMER'S GATE.' As 2022 dawned, three more melodious gems emerged from this cosmic sphere, including a stirring rendition of Terry Gilkyson's timeless tune, 'Cry of the Wild Goose.' Continuing its sonic journey, the brilliant full-length album 'NO SWEETS FOR E' delighted listeners in May.

Delving into a whimsical exploration of classic 70s and 80s tunes, this project weaves together nostalgic melodies with cutting-edge production and contemporary aesthetics. It's a harmonious marriage of past and present, merging retro hooks and beats with today's pulsating electronic soundscapes.

Building upon their structures of 'Less is More' and blending synergies from different eras of music, this is the closing track for the album 'NO SWEETS FOR E'. The album 'NO SWEETS FOR E' brings together power pop, folk and indie rock. Though many of the songs might be rooted in the music of the 1960s and 1970s, there is nothing nostalgic about these songs. The lyrics are often witty, and the melodies are catchy and infectious. The production is modern and polished, adding a layer of sophistication and a contemporary feel. Overall, the album is a delightful exploration of a wide range of musical styles. They have something fresh to say. Get ready to groove with "My Face," the latest musical masterpiece from the uniquely captivating project, Arn-Identified Objects and Alien Friends.

Test the melody down below -

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