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Tender Strums of Emerging Love: Folk's Gentle Romantic Sways with Maya Salafia's 'Swim'

Maya Salafia returns to the masses with the refreshing notions of her brand new summer anthem 'Swim' and you wouldn't wanna miss it! As someone who rejoices in the art of storytelling and songwriting as if they were her magic wands, Boston-based singer-songwriter Maya was inquisitive about music from the tender age of nine when she released her first solo. Later on, she also released her first EP of her authentic tracks when she was just thirteen, and ever since then, she's been tremendously passionate and active in the musical lore. Maya aims to deliver her ability to weave imagery, storytelling and emotion with her music, thereby taking listeners on a journey of relatability. Let's witness the magic of her brand-new release!

Maya Salafia
Maya Salafia

An incoming romantic connection, this indie folk art piece is the reflection of identifying your feelings for someone before it's too late.

A pacifying single that is about the blossom of feelings for someone, 'Swim' is about the rush of serotonin you feel around someone you secretly like, conveyed in the most blissful manner possible. From describing his childish smile to his angel kiss, this spreads the word about how silly one feels while giving into the chaos with which their heart flutters from love. With elements of nostalgia, beautiful notes of acoustic, and a sheer amount of storytelling, this is the teetering of surrender for the sake of love that will stick to your brain for a while. I found the track cute and wholesome, kudos to Maya's enchanting allures.

Test this mesmerizing melody down below -

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