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Tears in the Timber: Alt-Folk's Poignant Portrayal of Everlasting Loss with Melina Hazewood's 'Memories Are A Ghost'

Melina Hazewood is here to soothe your soul with her brand new release 'Memories are now Ghosts' and this would make your heart flutter! Released on the 26th of April, this a tale about trying to move past losing someone you're used to having in your life. 16-year-old English-French singer-songwriter who makes music to create an impact, Melina's tunes with soothe your soul. Having written 76 songs in the last 4 years, Melina hopes to share her life's experiences in the form of music and provide a moment of relatability to all those who wish to be heard. But this release is exceptionally delightful and moving, and the themes would make you reflect on the brutal realities of humankind. Let's swim into the regretful whispers of Melina's brand-new sound.

Melina Hazewood
Melina Hazewood

Painted with the echoes of ethereal melancholia in Melina's voice, this is a treasured moment of depicting life's sorrows and inevitable realities as art.

Nostalgia is something that each one of us gets flashes of now and then, but living in the past is something we're all afraid of because that is something that drags us down. This is a beautiful symphony about mourning the loss of a loved one and coping with it by accepting those memories with grace. The song's narratives paint an unhinged picture of dystopia, letting us know that even after their physical presence cannot be felt, memories and instances from the past remain prominently present. Crafted by nothing but a deeper sense of care, the cover art of the single is a demonstration of sorrowful beauty and wonder, thereby mirroring the tune's distorted atmosphere. I think everyone can take something away from this track. 

Test this emotive melody down below -

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