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Surreal Extravaganzas of R&B and Soul in Joe Lington's 'Focus'

The infamous France-based Joe Lington appeals to the masses yet again with the release of his brand new EP, 'Focus'! Joe, an R&B Soul artist whose musical versatility knows no bounds, can sing in French, English and Cameroonian. With a background stemming from and apart from a gospel choir, he started using the musical onshores by being a solo artist who's perfecting the art of mix and match when it comes to music. Intertwining elements of jazz and soul, Joe has set a true bar of resilience and compassion. With a sonic tapestry of 4 tracks released to this date, Joe is hustling as a Freebird and even working on the next album, all with a sublime musical taste. Get ready for an alternative jazz-rock, jazz-pop awakening with 'Joe Lington'!

Joe Lington
Joe Lington

'Focus' isn't just an album, it is indeed a comfort pillow that secretly carries keys to altering moods like love, lust, chaos and the calm that feels like a swift breath of rejuvenation.

Opening into a unique chamber of sound, we begin this musical journey with the opening thread, 'Focus'.Then the thrill begins at the R&B narratives of 'Are You Ready', which feel like nothing but a romanticised self-reflective anecdote to an excited venture Joe is about to put us through. It feels like a moment of anticipation through a blast into a sonic multi-verse. The next track, 'Changerias' feels like a lo-fi euphoria that seems to levitate listeners from their core, and feels like a moment of the uprising of the next romantic tension.

The mood of the album completely shapeshifts at 'You & Me'. Magnificent after-effects and collaborative effort combining rusty undertones of 'Frederic', this is a fun-loving beat to groove to. A unique commemorative of even combining elements of an acoustic guitar, this is a pop-rock adventure that is sure to set in the mood for some thrill! 'Issa', an infamous tropical melody channels elements of human voice to create a symphonic calm. It walks along the similar lines of folk-like beatscapes and is the perfect tune to listen to on a beach on a summery day or while having a roadside journey. Its essence is captivating, and will for sure soothe one's soul.

The second mood shift and genre shift in the album happens at 'My Way'. Combining intricate details of rap and after-effectsand hip-hop, this talks about an erotic uprising between two captivated souls. Questioning along the bare lines of 'my way or your way', this is a talk-through discussing the alts andafter-effects of a convo about points of view. On the contrary, we enter a halo zone of sound via 'Maman Interlude'. 'Maman' is the serene track the build-up leads to, and it truly feels like a soulful uprising as it includes pacifying elements like violins playing in the background. A true cascading of emotions that makes you feel like you're sitting next to a seashore, this is an utter masterpiece.

As we process through tracks like 'Call Me Maybe', we find ourselves relapsing into an emotional uprising, as if witnessing the building of emotions and interest in a person's life. These tracks feel like an echo of relief and a calming ray of pacifying blue energy that is here to embody light and shower it upon us. 'Tout Soul', feels like a message of comfort for all souls alike, a message that is here to free listeners from a sigh of any form of past tensions surrounding them.'Partir', a complete mood alterer next in line, is here to signal 'leaving' or going away, it although doesn't seem like it, is a sorrowful surrounding and departure. But yet again, the joyful Joe revives in 'I Wanna Be', who's here to rescue a lot of souls by wishing to take a multitude of roles for his love interest. But 'Accuse' feels like an attacking narrative that infuriates the moods of anyone listening to it.

Last but not least, the hip-hop-infused track 'SMB' feels like a rejuvenating dance moment that all of us have been waiting for. And the last track 'Ce Monde'; i.e.,' This World' is a precious message from Joe to anyone listening to the album. It is a reminder to the listeners that Joe is here to stay.

The perfect album that is a calming moodscape for people of all age groups alike, 'Focus' can be enjoyed at any venue.

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